Single Property Websites

A custom solution and comprehensive way for marketing your properties.

A standard price of 50€ per hour.

Services & Prices

Your property defines the look and feel of the website

Before all else, the visual appearance and interactivity of the website will reflect the property architecture, ambiance and environment.

A virtual experience enhanced by attractive graphics

A key aspect of our service is to create and integrate high quality rendered exteriors and interiors, beautifully drawn floor plans and immersive property tours.

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An exclusive tool for your marketing approach

With a website fully dedicated to your property you will maximize online exposure and sell faster. By taking advantage of SEO(Search engine optimization) and social media connectivity you will be able to captivate clients and engage them emotionally with a beautiful and unique presentation of your property.

Surroundings and community make the difference

The energy of the neighbourhood, along with community hubs and people’s lifestyle choices reflect upon your customers decision making. With this in mind we dedicate effort in creating neighbourhood and area descriptions that will give your customers the sense of belonging that everybody is looking for.

Interactive experience guided by simplicity

Targeting essential content with well thought interactivity, meaningful navigation and mobile friendly design will achieve a seamless visitor experience for maximum lead generation

What is included

Editing content at will

Updating and maintaining the content of your website is easily done through our intuitive administrative interface.

Custom software integration

We are well aware that modern systems rely on various tools and services, therefore we are open to build integrations for the website in order to fulfill your needs.

Unit Availability management

Connect your units to an administrative interface that allows you to update availability and manage booking requests from potential customers.

Distinct visual identity

Capture the essence of your property with a memorable logo, appropriate style and beautiful colors that help the visitors connect emotionally.

User restricted community area

Provide your residents with a virtual space for community related topics: important news, notices, maintenance area and social interaction.

Worry-free setup and maintenance

From acquiring a fitting domain name to managing all operational requirements for running your website, we will handle it all.

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